Eaton´s Catalogue 1913-14

The Eaton´s Fall and Winter catalogue looks like the Architects Data by Ernst and Peter Neufert because both of them provide quite enough information about one product.

Starting on page n282, I found a list of books that Eaton´s was selling that season; I chose the following books with the purpose of find full online digital copies of them.

Dr. Gunn´s New Family Physician (Gunn, John C) What a Young Wife ought to know (Emma Drake) Canada from Ocean to Ocean (J. Lawlor Woods) The Art of Sign Painting (Frank H.Atkinson) The Money Moon (Jeffery Farnol) The Missing Bride (E.D.E.N. Southworth) The Pathfinder (J. Fenimore Cooper) Modern Carpentry (Fred. T Hodgson)

Here are the results:


Dr. Gunn´s New Family Physician appears like Gunn´s household physician, or, Home book of  health. An encyclopedia of health hints. Everything explained in plain Language. Tells how to avoid sickness, what to do in emergency, and how to care for the sick. Gives causes, symptoms and treatments of various diseases.

What a Young Wife Ought to know.

But, you can also find it  out here

Canada from Ocean to Ocean. A splendidly arranged view book, showing 65 excellent views of various parts of our Dominion.

The Art of Sign Painting. I could not find it, but I found a similar book by the same author (original from University of Wisconsin). A book by Frank H. Atkinson. A book of thorough instruction in practical sign writing. Illustrated in a plain and practical way.

The Money Moon. Fiction

But, you can also find it  out here


The Missing Bride. Novel

But also it is audio

The Pathfinder. Novel

Modern Carpentry. In tow volumes, a practical manual: 530 pages


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