It would be a tool that would increase reading among people and it would also make smaller the distance between all of us. We would understand and respect more one another, and most likely have a better world, one with less wars and more love. We live and share the same place but we tend to lock ourselves in our communities and we do not make the effort to know other cultures. We do not have to understand the different behaviors of different cultures but we have to respect them.

Perhaps all of this has to do with the lack of communication between us. We do not know how to read different languages and most people cannot communicate with others, therefore we do not know why we are different. Imagine how powerful it would be to be able to read a book, a newspaper, an article, a magazine or any other text in any language with the simple use of glasses or contact lenses.

I mean, these new lenses have the ability to recognize any text in any language and instantly translate to the desired language by the user. Yes, I am talking about those sunglasses and lenses that many people wear to protect their eyes from the sun or to see without difficulty. This idea of using lens technology is not new at all.

Babak A. Parviz, a bionanotechnology expert at the University of Washington in Seattle, has released a report detailing just where the bionic eye technology (or at least the augmented vision contact lens) is at right now, and it is pretty amazing. It can translate or capture speech in real time, augment video game playing, and allow users to view graphics without a physical display device. There are still some obstacles to overcome before the lenses can be released for use. Most notably, the components will have to be made extremely small as well as being transparent, so that users can still actually see their surroundings while wearing the lenses. There is also the problem of making all the components safe for long-term usage in the eye. Mr. Parviz seems confident that these challenges can be overcome though, and assures that the augmented vision display will one day be as ubiquitous as iPhones.


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